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Smoke Testing is a great tool for detecting leaks in residential, commercial, and municipal plumbing and sewer systems. East County Wholesale now carries everything you need for jobs as small as checking updrafts on gas appliances, and as large as checking for inflows and infiltration (I/I) and illegal hookups to city sewerage systems.

Smoke testing can also be used to study air flow patterns in all types of apparatus or wind tunnels, indoor and outdoor areas too. Heating and Air Conditioning units can be properly balanced by observing the discharge from grills or registers and adjusting until satisfactory. Just remove filters or baffles before discharging smoke into intake fan.

Other uses include special effects, and photography. Color effects can be obtained by photographing colored lights through thin concentrations. A little experimenting can produce some unusual and dramatic effects.

Above are links to specific products and applications for smoke testing in residential, commercial and municipal plumbing and sewerage systems.

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